The People/Plant Connection

Bringing the joy of gardening to people of all ages and abilities.

Children's Adventure Garden

This will be a garden for children to learn about gardening, growing vegetables and herbs, learning about water conservation, wildlife habitats and taking care of the environment. Each garden area will teach children about one aspect of the outdoors. The outdoor classroom will be the central learning area. The stage area will be the place for plays, concerts and awards presentations. Specially designed raised beds will be available for children in wheelchairs. All five senses will be touched in this garden. Children will practice their balance and climbing skills on our tree trunk areas. They will be able to dig in sand and feel it on their feet.

Classes will be offered for children and families. The garden will be available for scout troops, school classes and youth groups. Children will be involved in planting and maintaining the garden. It will be a place for many adventures in nature.

See details below. Work is in full swing for this garden. The goal is to have most of it up and running by June.

The Children's Adventure Garden

Gardeners who can't get down to garden will enjoy the raised beds in this garden. Wheelchair accessible raised beds will be available. A special waist-high planter box for vision impaired gardeners will bring the garden sounds and textures to visitors.

Special drought tolerant varieties of roses will create a peaceful environment for reflection and relaxation. A rainbow of colors and scents will fill your senses in this garden.

The Accessible Garden

The Serenity Rose Garden 

3 Garden Areas