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We are proud to announce winning One of the First Honorable Mentions of the Texas Rain Catcher Award

Awarded from the Texas Water Development Board in Austin, Texas. Awarded for our rainwater catchment system for our garden.

2800 gallon rain tank attached to the outdoor classroom. The classroom is 15' x 15' and the rain tank will collect 600 gallons of water with one inch of rain.

Five 6,000 gallon rain tanks attached to the Southside Rec Center. Each tank will collect 1400 gallon of water from one inch of rain.

Thanks to grants from the San Angelo Area Foundation, we have our six large rainwater harvesting tanks and our outdoor classroom.

Our goal is to be the leader in rainwater harvesting by illustrating that we get plenty of rain to collect. All our gardens are watered with rain water. We'll also use drought tolerant plants to bring beauty to the gardens.

Every opportunity, we teach adults and children about the benefit of rainwater harvesting in this part of Texas.

We have a total of 5 3,000 gallon rain water harvesting tanks and One 2,800 rain tank. All our tanks have been full and continue to be used to water the garden.