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Pictured are more pumpkins in the Garden of Eden.


Gardeners are sending photos of their giant pumpkins on the grow.

Send photos of your pumpkins as they grow and we'll post them on our website. 

This year additional categories are: Adult (18 yr +), Youth (17 yr & below), and Judges Favorite.

The Giant Pumpkin weigh-in will be in the fall. It will be called the 4th Annual Pumpkin Festival. This year the weigh in will also include a pumpkin pie contest.

The Pumpkin Festival will include booths with activities for children and youth. There will be games, information and activities in the Children's Adventure Garden.

The main concern now will be squash bugs. Watch for them and get them early.

This is a pumpkin from Larry Richardson. You can see how big the leaves are and his pumpkin is almost a foot long.

Karen Banks sent this photo of her pumpkin. It is a lot bigger than her foot already.

Giant Pumpkins Are Growing Good!

Watch for photos from gardeners around the Concho Valley as they send photos of their pumpkins growing.